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There are a bunch of direct flights to Tel Aviv from most European Hubs!

Just take a look here and you can see it for yourself :)

You can reach Tel Aviv in 2 ways:

1. Train - right outside of Terminal 3 on the left you'll find the station. You can purchase tickets at the vending machine and there are trains day and night. Take the northbound train.
There are several stops in Tel Aviv, and the closest to our venue is "Tel Aviv Hashalom", where you will find several buses or taxis to the city.

***Please note that there are no trains from the airport on Friday.

2. Taxi - A few steps past the airport train station. Right before the ride you will be asked if you want to pay a fixed price (around 160 shekel) or by the meter (Moneh)

Please note that from Friday around 4 pm till Saturday around 8 pm there won't be any public transportation functioning.
If you plan on taking taxis we strongly recommend to download the Gett app, which is pretty much the Israeli Uber and will significantly reduce the chances of scams 🙂

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