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Take a look at all the additional learning opportunities you can choose from!

You have access to purchase the session tickets at the Registration link

This year, you will have a unique opportunity to join an intimate Q&A session where you can ask him questions and hear his perspective on being a West Coast Swing DJ working worldwide.

This extra track is open to DJs of any level looking to improve their skills and gain a deeper understanding of the technique and approach to WCS music.

- Friday 12 May 10:00-11:00 AM

- Tickets: 25€

- Limited seats!

This explosive couple is coming for the first time to Israel, and we grabbed them for an extra session where you will be able to go in depth and improve your dancing skills.

We favour couple registrations, but you may also register as a single dancers, so that we can pair you up!

- Sunday 14 May 10:00-13:00 AM

- Tickets: 50€

- Limited seats!

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